Founded In 2014, Hazelsoft has grown from two individuals working from the store room of their house, into a team of 50+ engineers. Providing top-notch services to clientele across the US, Canada, Greece, and the UAE.

We are a leading provider of software solutions, specializing in creating customized applications and products to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Supported by talented developers, software testers, and project managers, we leverage the latest technology and best methodologies to deliver high-quality solutions that drive business achievement.

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Company core values are the fundamental beliefs and principles that guide the behavior and decision-making of an organization. They define the culture and character of a company, and they serve as the foundation for how we interact with our clients, stakeholders and Employees

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The most important trait in any relationship (business or personal). At Hazelsoft, we value the trust our clients place in us, and we demonstrate this through our steadfast dedication to reliability, consistency, and transparent communication.

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Transparency is at the heart of Hazelsoft. We believe in open dialogues, clear processes, and honest collaborations. We are dedicated to being transparent, keeping you informed at every stage. Experience the power of transparent excellence as we create digital solutions aligned with your vision.

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We are committed to ethical innovation, and maintaining high standards while supporting your vision.

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We understand that the artifacts produced by our team is in fact, the ownership of our clients. We consider it a duty to protect those products from any unauthorized access.


Our philosophy is simple

Technology is just a tool that is there to serve our business needs. Not the other way round. We strive to make Hazelsoft a one stop solution focusing the business needs of our clients. Instead of focusing on Technology stacks. This way, we can deliver effectively, no matter what your technology preferences are.


Hazelsoft is a diverse team of 50+ skilled professionals. Here are our front runners.

Adil Farooq CEO - Hazelsoft Chief Executive Officer - Hazelsoft - Hazelsoft LEADERS

Adil Farooq

Chief Executive Officer

Badar Suhail - Hazelsoft Director - Hazelsoft - Hazelsoft LEADERS

Badar Suhail


Muhammad Shahbaz Head of HR & Support Services - Hazelsoft Head of HR & Support Services - Hazelsoft - Hazelsoft LEADERS

Muhammad Shahbaz

Head of HR
& Support Services

Aftab Ahmed - Hazelsoft Technical Project Manager - Hazelsoft - Hazelsoft LEADERS

Aftab Ahmed

Technical Project

Zeeshan Ghazanfar - Hazelsoft Head of Engineering - Hazelsoft - Hazelsoft LEADERS

Zeeshan Ghazanfar

Head of

Muhammad Shoaib Head of Software Quality Assurance- Hazelsoft Head of Software Quality Assurance - Hazelsoft - Hazelsoft LEADERS

Muhammad Shoaib

Head of Software
Quality Assurance

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